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Werner Dremerhaven was the camp "physician" at the Treblinka extermination camp. He was a minor antagonist of Season 2 and Season 3.


Since his sole duty at the camp was to rubber-stamp execution orders for the camp's Jewish inmates, it is doubtful whether he possessed any medical training (Abraham Setrakian, when describing Dremerhaven to Thomas Eichhorst, made a point of putting quotation marks around Dremerhaven's official title of "Doctor"). In the camp, he acquired an evil reputation as a sadist and a pervert.

Along with Eichhorst, Dremerhaven was transformed by the Master into a vampire, but, unlike Eichhorst, grew bored with his immortality, finding that he had satiated all his desires and that repeating his experiences only dulled his senses.

Knowing that Dremerhaven was also an enthusiastic bibliophile. Setrakian, posing as a dealer in rare books, tracked Dremerhaven down in Amsterdam in 1972, giving out a false lead that Setrakian possessed the Occido Lumen, which the Master urgently sought to possess. Unmasked, Dremerhaven warned Setrakian that pursuing the book was tantamount to pursuing the Master, a quest that was doomed to fail. Instead of killing him, Setrakian methodically dismembered Dremerhaven, sealed the parts of his body into a lead-lined coffin, and sunk the coffin in the ocean. Trapped by both silver and running water, and with no access to blood, Dremerhaven is condemned to an eternity of starvation and imprisonment.

Later, when confronting Eichhorst, Setrakian remarked that, of the two ex-Nazis, Dremerhaven was "unique in his sadism", while Eichhorst was nothing but a bureaucrat, which begged the question of how Eichhorst became the Master's favored servant.

TV Series[]

In the episode "The Box" (Season 1, Episode 2), Eichhorst visits Setrakian in jail, and Setrakian taunts that the reason Eichhorst's old friend isn't there "to share your glory" is because Setrakian cut him into pieces with Jusef Sardu's sword and dumped them in the North Sea.

Dremerhaven appears in a flashback in the episode "By Any Means" (Season 2, Episode 2). Dremerhaven is turned after Setrakian tracks him down and exposes him. Dremerhaven confirms his complicity in war crimes by launching an escape which nearly fails, but he loses Sardu's sword in the process. He trips and loses Sardu's cane before he can jump on the back of a departing truck.

When Dremerhaven returns to his shop, he finds Eichhorst already waiting for him. He is in great fear of being identified and his whereabouts being told to the Mossad who will seek revenge for his Mengele-style killings in Treblinka. Eichhorst seems neither pleased nor angered about the loss of the cane but he offers Dremerhaven a chance of collaboration for another Fuehrer without going into details. When Dremerhaven expresses his desire to be no longer on the run and submit to the new Fuhrer, Eichhorst grabs him and turns him by feeding on him.

Behind The Scenes[]

The character is portrayed by British-Canadian actor Nigel Bennett who is an accomplished household name in the vampire genre. He played the role of Lucius/Lucien de la Croix in "Forever Knight" mentor of the series' protagonist and at times the main antagonist as well. His portrayal of Lacroix was lauded and that influence got so far that the major villain beared his name in "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines" a PC game in the vampire genre.

Nigel Bennett though now with a vast spanning TV career had 15 years of acting experience in theater under his belt before he entered TV screens.