Another promo came out just recently:

The Strain Season 4 Push Promo FX

The Strain Season 4 Push Promo FX

Dutch seems to assisting someone in labor. The patient is undergoing a Cesarean or C-section, that is her womb is cut open slightly, to remove the child. This is usually done as a measure of last resort.

Anyway, this is the transcript of the segment:

Surgeon: Your going to feel a slight pull.
Dutch Velders: Just keep breathing.
Surgeon: Here she comes -- its all right
Patient: I want to see ...
Dutch Velders: [unintelligible]

[Soundtrack "I am the lucky one...that's me"]

Here are a few snapshots from the end of the promo, that may have gone by too fast:

Other points of interest:

It you look closely Sanjay Desai is actually alive and in the background. Also, take a look at Dutch's face, as it turns from concern to disgust ( or even horror).