Land of Bob
Land of Bob
Vital statistics
Type Garden
Level 10-20
Location Earth
Inhabitants Flowerfolk

|title = |type = Nazi concentration camp (False train station) |location = secret |inhabitants = The SS, its prisoners |Introduced in = The Strain 005 (comic), The Strain (novel)|image = }}

Treblinka was a concentration camp where Abraham first came into contact with The Master. This place a nightmare for Setrakian and a dream come true for The Master. Abraham, a Jewish prisoner of the Nazi regime was put to good use as a carpenter building The Master's coffin after one of the Allies' bombs had annihilated his bed of soil in the ground. For the ancient vampire the camp was a buffet, the prisoners were the first to be preyed upon and then of course the Nazis themselves.

This is also where Abraham first met Thomas Eichorst the chief administrator of the camp and his greater covert role, The Master's first known servant, he was the one that had "The Jew" build the coffin, then after The Master broke "the jew" hands, Eichorst sentenced "The Jew" to the "the pit" where fellow inmates were lowered to their knees and shot in the back of the head to be kicked downhill into a huge hole in the ground (thus aptly named) filled with its previous victim's corpses to soften the impact.

The camp was disguised as "Obermajdan" a train station with everything to convince one as such; its false monicker, a ticket window, and fictitious list of connecting stations. The place was constructed to be only temporary and to be wiped from existence once it had served its purpose, no not train rides but an abattoir for anyone the SS and Hitler himself deemed unfit to live, namely jews.

Temporary it was, because after a major revolt leading to Setrakian's escape from the pit (and ultimately the camp), Treblinka was torn down in the fall of 1943. A farm was built in its stead with the land being plowed over to try and prevent the locals from hanging around scavenging.

Treblinka was a Nazi concentration camp that had a prisoner uprising on Aug. 2, 1943. It, too, was disguised as a transit camp (train station) to hide the fact it was the end of the line. Executioners of Treblinka death camp were Germans and Ukrainians and the victims were Poles, Jews and ethnic minorities. Its real world location is Kosów Lacki, 08-330 Kosów Lacki, Poland