Angel Guzman Hurtado, aka "The Silver Angel" (el Angel de Plata), is a main character, and was a wrestler, who starred in movies of the same name, that an abundance of Mexican children watched, including Augustin Elizalde


A scene from "Angel contra el Vampiro Maldito" starring Angel using crosses to burn the vampire.


Guzman has faded from celebrity and into depression, with a limp as a morbid memento of his former fame. He subsequently disappeared into the woodwork of medial jobs such as dishwashing.

On the show he works at Tandoori Palace, a place that serves authentic Indian cuisine. He's overprotective of the mother and daughter that work there and nearly attacks Gus everytime he comes in. The third time Gus sees him (in the back alley of the Tandoori Palace putting trash in the dumpster) Gus realizes it's el Angel de Plata, his childhood idol/hero.


Another scene from "El Senor de las Tiniebla, Angel contra el Vampiro Maldito" with Angel using the same crosses.

He now fights strigoi alongside Gus. Unlike others, Guzman finds joy when engaging the vampires with trademark head-popping maneuvers that, ironically, would be dealt against him by the Master in the comic rendition of their confrontation.


“You would like me to reveal myself, wouldn't you? The mystery dies with me. My face must remain hidden.” These words were the catchphrase from every one of The Silver Angel’s movies.

Inside The Strain - Adventures of the Silver Angel

Inside The Strain - Adventures of the Silver Angel