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Although most of the Strigoi (Vampire) are the common ones that are feral and aggressive with lesser powers than the ancient that sired them there are some the ancient shall endow with free will and enhanced abilities that are equivalent to or slightly less than the ancients.


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Unlike lesser Strigoi who are reserved to the physique they had in their former lives these Strigoi can move at speeds barely conceivable to the human eye. Their strength is great enough that they are at least able to overpower all human opponents or crush steel but the limit to their strength is yet to be tested. The reflexes of most Strigoi are the same as their human counterparts but the reflexes of enhanced Strigoi are so quick they can perceive and dodge bullets travelling at them. Their durability is also improved compared to other Strigoi as shown when Eichhorst was shot with silver in the leg could still move but with a limp for a few hours. They have free will and the ability to access their own memories but are still being watched by the Ancient who created them. It is unknown if the Ancient can control them again after they regain their free will or if the Ancient can completely 'disconnect' from them so they cannot look through their creation. It is also unknown if their senses are the same as regular Strigoi or enhanced, but are probably enhanced. It is also unknown if they acquire new senses. Their weaknesses are the same being silver but to a lesser extent compared to regular Strigoi, severing the spinal column and sunlight which burns them just the same as regular Strigoi because only the Ancients and Vampire-Human hybrids are capable of resisting sunlight. They also may be able to control regular Strigoi the Ancient has assigned to them, but this is unconfirmed but very possible because Kelly Goodweather could control the feelers.

Known Sentient Strigoi[]

  • Thomas Eichhorst
  • Werner Dremerhaven
  • Kelly Goodweather
  • Gabriel Bolivar