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Episodes: 13
Original airdate: July 15, 2015

Season 2 of The Strain premiered on July 12, 2015.


The plot of the first two seasons was based on the first book from the trilogy “The Strain”.


According to the Wall Street Journal , the second season may have been inspired by the first novel, but it does deviate significantly from the book.



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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
The Strain Season 1.jpg "BK, NY" 1 2 XSN02001 July 12, 2015 1.66[1]
Eph and Nora work on a weapon to kill the strigoi, but Setrakian puts the group at risk by searching for an ancient text, while the Master introduces a new breed of creature and tasks Kelly with controlling it.
The Strain .jpg "By Any Means" 2 2 XSN02002 July 19, 2015 1.63[2]
Vet and Dutch grow closer on a mission to make sure neighbourhood buildings are clear. Meanwhile, Eph and Nora perform experiments on their new patients. Kelly begins her search for Zach.
The Strain Season 1 .jpg "Fort Defiance" 3 2 XSN02003 July 26, 2015 1.47[3]
Gus and Vaun wage an attack on Palmer as Eph struggles to connect with Zach. Councilwoman Justine Feraldo vows to bring her extermination policies to the other boroughs.
StrainSn2E4HTheSilverAngel.jpg "The Silver Angel" 4 2 XSN02004 August 2, 2015 1.38[4]
Eph and Nora finally see their lethal virus in action. Fet takes the security of Red Hook into his own hands.Dutch and Setrakian set off for Staten Island to question Fitzwilliam.
StrainSn2E5QuickandPainless.jpg "Quick and Painless" 5 2 XSN02005 August 9, 2015 1.26[5]
Eph alters his appearance so that he can leave the city without alerting authorities, which makes Nora a reluctant parent for Zach. Meanwhile, Dutch and Nora negotiate with Justine to get Fet out of jail.
The Strain Season 1 Episode 6.jpg "Identity" 6 2 XSN02006 August 16, 2015 1.44[6]
Eph concocts a plan to create and distribute a bioweapon. Gus realizes Angel can be an unlikely ally. Kelly comes after Nora and Zach.
Tumblr nt7mf55HKC1u0ly2no8 540.jpg "The Born" 7 2 XSN02007 August 23, 2015 0.95[7]
Eph returns to New York, intent on going after the individual responsible for his friends' deaths. Meanwhile, Setrakian and Fet launch an attack on the Master using Fitzwilliam's tip. Dutch has a surprise visitor.
StrainSn2E8Intruders.jpg "Intruders" 8 2 XSN02008 August 30, 2015 1.36[8]
Eph must protect Zach against a surprise intruder in Red Hook. Gus convinces the Guptas to make a difficult choice. Fet and Setrakian set out to acquire the Lumen, but discover they are not the only potential buyer.
The-strain-battle-for-red-hook-mathis.jpg "The Battle for Red Hook " 9 2 XSN02009 September 6, 2015 1.15[9]
Justine takes drastic measures to counter a surprise invasion. Nora and Fet perform a useful mission while Eph and Setrakian face off against an old foe.
StrainSn2E10TheAssassin.jpg "The Assassin" 10 2 XSN02010 September 13, 2015 1.30[10]
Eph and Dutch work to execute Eph's plan against Palmer. Meanwhile, Fet and Dr. Martinez accompany Setrakian on his search for the Lumen's true owner. Councilwoman Feraldo makes a bold move in her quest to take New York City back from the Strigoi.
StrainSn2E11Dead End.jpg "Dead End" 11 2 XSN02011 September 20, 2015 1.42[11]
Gus helps the Guptas get across the border. Fet, Nora, and Eph search the city for Dutch, who is in a life-or-death struggle with Eichhorst. Setrakian meets a familiar face while searching for the Occido Lumen.
OL-14.PNG "Fallen Light" 12 2 XSN02012 September 27, 2015 1.23[12]
The Lumen's auction starts in 24hrs. Setrakian seeks the support of the Ancients. Gus searches for allies from his past. Zach's grandparents are found, leaving Eph with a choice. Eldritch discovers the "White" has an unexpected price.
The Strain Season 1 Episode 13.jpg "Night Train" 13 2 XSN02013 October 4, 2015 1.17[13]
Setrakian and Fet battle for possession of the Occido Lumen, and gain a surprising new ally. A massive, unexpected attack places Eph, Nora, and Zach's escape from New York in peril.