Sean Duncan is a supporting character, and was the Stoneheart's Group Body Guard.

Pre-Outbreak Edit

New York City, Manhattan Edit

Nothing is known about Duncan's life before the outbreak except that he lived somewhere in Manhattan.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Collaborators" Edit

Duncan walks into Eldritch Palmer's office to tell him that the ship has arrived in New York. When him and Eldritch Palmer got to the docks an associate named Cyrus Minow didn't let them in. Eldritch Palmer fired him and demanded to speak to the captain but still deined access to the ship. Back in the headquarters Eldritch Palmer tells Duncan to get armed men to break into the ship. When they got there with Palmer's security team everyone on the ship was dead. Palmer told Duncan to check in the cargo hold but after he came back Duncan told him nothing was was in the cargo hold. Later on the episode Duncan also came along with Palmer, as Palmer's deal is done he has driven him back to the Stoneheart building.