In the episode "Identity", he arrives at his home in Forest Hills, a district within the confines of Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). Once he stepped out of the cab, he started vomiting on the road. Ephraim, standing near the front porch remarks that he had an awful night of drinking, to which Rob replied that he had a great night. Suddenly, Rob discovered that he had a blood stain on his shirt and a gun. He then inquires about what transpired. Ephraim decided not to reply and they went inside the house to talk. They talked about the "bioweapon" that can be used to to take out the strigoi population. Rob says he knows someone that can help them and  they went to meet his contact later that afternoon.

Later in the day, they had a meeting with a Rob's collegue, as they were about to exchange plesantries, Leigh Thomas  interjected about how Everett Barnes fell out the train, when she got a phone call and walked to the window to talk in private. Rob figures out somehow that Eph did throw Barnes off the train.  An arguement ensued but abrubtly ended when Leigh Thomas ended her phone call a few minutes later . Rob left and Ephraim and Leigh were left alone together. When Eph and Leigh Thomas returned to Rob's home, they walked into the bedroom and saw Rob was wounded when an assailant who comes in and started shooting at Leigh Thomas.  She was mortally injured, Ephraim was shot in the arm to which he returned fire, and shot the assassin in the stomach, killing him.