Pre-Outbreak Edit

Red Hook has been part of Brooklyn since it was organized in the 1600's. During the Battle of Brooklyn, a fort was constructed on the "hoek" called "Fort Defiance". It is shown on a map called "A Map of the Environs of Brooklyn" drawn in 1780 by a loyalist engineer named George S. Sproule. In 1839, the City of Brooklyn made a plan to impose a street grid, which includes filling in all of the ponds and other low-lying areas. In the present day, the neighborhood had a population of  33,871. In "The Strain", Vasiliy Fet lived in Richard Street in an apartment with his cat working as a exterminator.

Post-Outbreak Edit

In the " The Strain,", Red Hook is under Quarantine enforced by Justine Feraldo's special contingent of the New York Police Department. The Neighborhood is surrounded by fences, checkpoints,and UVC lights (Ultraviolet C rays, are the short wavelength variety, which has the ability to destroy the DNA machinery which allows organisms to heal and multiply. This includes micro-organisms such as bacteria & viruses) to keep out the Vampire (Strigoi). At the end of season 3 Red Hook seemed to have been overrun by vampires due to the massive invasion from Central Park.