Pre-Outbreak Edit

Queens is a New York City borough on Long Island across the East River from Manhattan. Queens has a population of 2.296 million as of 2013.

Post-Outbreak Edit

In "The Strain" Ephraim Goodweather, Kelly Goodweather and their son Zach Goodweather used to live in Woodside along with Matt Sayles and the some Flight 753 survivors. As the events of "The Strain" unfold, the dead passengers from Flight 753 that were in the hangar at John F. Kennedy airport, would come back from the dead and infect their loved ones, including other citizens of Queens. As the virus started to spread, the local shops were beginning to be looted for needed supplies. In Season 3 Justine Feraldo manages secure parts of the shore of Queens. As the other side of Queens mostly almost half of the borough's population has turned into vampires making more of them nest in their family's homes, apartments and bussineses. Carmen, Carmen's mother and their neighbours still in the process of surviving until the New York Safe Streets Initiative arrive to their neighbourhood.