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Nora Martinez is a main character and a former deuteragonist of the series. she was a skilled epidemiologist and second in command of the Canary Project. Nora and Ephraim Goodweather have a complicated romantic relationship which is hindered by their high-stress careers and his looming divorce. Nora is dedicated to uncovering the vampire conspiracy. She is the deuteragonist of Season 1 and Season 2.

TV Series[]

Personal Life[]

Nora is hired to join the CDC's canary team by Ephraim himself who meets her on a CDC conference and is drawn to her attractive appearance, a recurring issue which Jim keeps teasing Ephraim , her strong and vocal dedication even when they disagree on things. When they meet they share some mutual attraction that Nora even admits. It is around this time when Ephraim's marriage falls apart.

Nora is consumed by the high demands of her job and is unable to take extra care of her mother, Abuela Martinez, who suffers from dementia and frequently abandons the facility Nora admitted her to. The staff keeps complaining about that.

Nora cares and loves Ephraim and shows a lot of frustration when Ephraim needs to deal with Kelly to have any contact with his pre-teenage son at all. She might fear that he returns to Kelly for the sake of his son.

Death (Second Season Finale)[]

Nora Martinez dies in the underground train tracks in New York, after the train gets derailed by the Master whose minions serve as cannon fodder. She protects Zach until she faces a "turned" Kelly Goodweather and engages her in combat. She is initially successful in the encounter by emptying her gun until Kelly manages to get into close combat when Nora manages to strike Kelly several times. She hesitates on Zach's behalf when Kelly manages to grip Nora's wrists and bite her, thus taking nourishment and infecting Nora. A wounded Nora is later found by Ephraim Goodweather, who cannot accept the fact that the woman he has loved is facing death and he can see the worms crawling under Nora's skin. Nora's farewell words conveys some defiant spirit. She announces that she does not want to be the master's thrall and she does not want to hurt him by being the Master's proxy. She then electrocutes herself by placing a blade to the third rail to spare herself the fate of becoming an unwilling participant under the Master's control.


After Nora and Ephraim become emotionally distant from one another, she gets closer to Fet,unlike the televison series where Fet has a romance with Dutch Velders. Nora and Fet ultimately live through the "strigoi holocaust" which includes a stint in a human concentration camp with her mother, ran by her former superior Barnes, carrying out the the Master's bidding for his own personal gain. At the end of the book it mentions that Nora and Fet have two children, a boy named 'Ephraim' and a girl named 'Mariela'