Before the outbreak started Nikki used to be in a relationship with Dutch Velders. In the episode "Creatures of the Night" she managed to escape when the vampires attack the gas station when she got to the apartment she stole all of Dutch Velders's money and gone missing. In "Fort Defiance" Dutch Velders noticed a poster of Nikki stamped on a lampost questioning who put the posters. So Dutch Velders went to Nikki's Mother's apartment when she got there they talked Nikki's Mother talked about how Nikki would be alive if she never got involved with Dutch Velders. Dutch Velders tells Nikki's Mother that she is alive Nikki's Mother then gets angry about her being alive and then they started argueing after that she gets back to the truck. She is later found in the apartment hiding. When Dutch Velders found her they started hanging out in Red Hook, Brooklyn along with Vasiliy Fet taking care of apartment blocks. In "The Battle for Red Hook" they helped take back Red Hook, Brooklyn as well as the citizens and some police officers. Then a couple days later Nikki and her mother are starting to packup and leave New York. Nikki got upset how Dutch Velders wasn't there for her, Dutch Velders explaned how she was arrested. They kissed as Nikki and her mother drive away to the Airport.

As the outbreak in Season 3 expanded onto more states it is unknown if she will survive.