New York City is where it all began, The Master has taken over the streets of New York at night. It's the center of the Strigoi outbreak. The outbreak resulted in chaos violence panic and rampage

Downfall of New York:

After the Regis Air Flight 753 situation at JFK Airport,  four of the many deceased passengers at the plane, awoke  suddenly and sent home after a brief examination

Without any symptoms of a virulent pathogen, they went back to there normal lives. Gradually, they began to slowly to show signs of vampirism. 

As the four passengers were transformed and fed of the blood of their loved ones, friends, and neighbors, and spthe infection spread throughout  New York, causing people to fall one by one, rampaging day and night.   

THE STRAIN Countdown teaser

THE STRAIN Countdown teaser

The countdown teaser for the first season of The Strain

New York Safe Streets Initiative:

The city was being guided in a better direction when a woman named Justine Feraldo decided to save the city and wage war against the vampire crisis. she came to power and created a militia organization, which succeeded in clearing of Staten island, Brooklyn, and the half of Manhattan for infection  

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