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The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre

Watson to Holmes: One does not have to believe in something to be frighten by it. Its two different parts of the brain

As our firm specializes entirely on the assessment of machines, the matter hardly comes under our purview

We have recommended that ~ call on you to lay the matter before you

The real nature of the  soul -- what is it? To some, merely, the manifestation of the will

-- The soul returns to God

Like  a sound that vanishes in the air, so said the Greeks

Life is death, said the philosopher

The Incas, of course were sun-worshippers, as you seem to know rather well. The reason was meteorological, without sun at night, being mountain dwellers, they shiver, they freeze.

The sun was constant. A tyrant in the sky. And so it was the lesser god they worshiped, the moon. La casa de la Luna, the house of the moon. The young children were sacrificed. Lying on beds of colored wool and cotton.  
Why? Why must the children be sacrificed?
Well not just the children Jack. When the chieftain died it was customary to bury him with the most beautiful and best loved women. Good God his wife? His wife. His favorite concubines. And a considerable number more or less of his servants, His jewels, raw silver, lamas, weapons, food and clothing. So in his philosophy,death was life. But of course why not?

The widows of Malabar  burnt themselves in the blaze of the remains  of their husband as a demonstration of their fidelity.


Persons who turn vampyre are generally wizards, suicides, and those who come to a violent end or have been cursed --

Tonight, two perfect specimen, would so draw my strength, my two peruvian ladies revived me...

Vampyre will bring his victim to the point of death but not beyond, he will nurse her back to health will all the outward appearance of love.

...and yet am I not also possessed, when I visit the house ,is she not commanding me , to relinquish, to hand my mantle on.

Indeed, it may be love to devour her again whereby he is, forever nourished.


It was poison, curare I think

Will she live

Carlotta discovered it and was attempted to suck the venom out.

Stolen from Stockton, or perhaps Stockton gave it to him

Arrow dipped in curare, two small incisions on the neck. He tried on the dog first.


I knew it could not be Jack at ther ruin, I heard him play the violin at Stockton's

What about the ghost?

Trick of the light. The ruin had become Jack's playground, I saw him on my second visit and now here.

His inspiration hidden away in cupboards, a dark world of imagination brought alive by a disturbed adolescent boy.

But to pretend to be a vamyre.

No Watson, believe. Believe he is a vampyre.

Remember his behavior in the church. His fear of the cross.

And Stockton too?

Why not? He saw Stockton's effect on people, control over woman, what better thing to be? To win respect, affection, love perhaps.

We must find him. He will be at the ruin with his master.

In the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, portraits of royalty and aristocracy were much in demand not only in France but it Spain and Great Britain. English portraits were painted in the grand manner, with an eye to the precedents established by Rubens and Van Dyke who had worked extensively for the British Aristocracy. Portraits usually included settings that and accessories that convey dignity and status of the subject. Poses and gestures might be modeled on classical sculpture or renaissance paintings. Connoisseurs were expected to appreciate these sources and subtle references. Classical Architecture signified learning and cultivation. While wooded glen's implied nature's simplicity. Two outstanding practitioners of British were Joshua Reynolds President of the Royal Academy and Thomas Gainsborough, also an academy member.

...incorporated into their portraits, the social symbols their clients expected

in that he never made the Grand Tour of Europe which was the rule. Grand tours not only acquainted British artists and patrons with the artistics achievements of the past and present but also offered an opportunity  to bring back to England souvenirs

vistas encompassed the splendor of other site.

...reinterpreted them in a contemporary guise

During the 1860's and 1870's, those artist known as the Impressionists came to reject the idealized art promoted by the academy as artificial and formulaic.

The daring Impressionist venture, had overturned many traditional conventions and freed artists to explore new forms of expression

moving  beyond depictions of the fleeting moment . post-impressionist looked for ways to express meaning beyond surface appearances, paint with the emotions and intellect, as well as the eye

color is used to convey interior states space is flattened forms become abstracted figures

no longer did painting provide a window into deep naturalistic space.

fractured forms in space into shifitng planes arrayed on the surface