Neeva works as a nanny for Joan Luss's two kids, when Joan Luss got sick she took care of her and her two kids. When Joan Luss's extra eyelid blinked she complained how it hurts, Neeva went to check out her eye and when her two extra eyelids blinked Neeva got scared and said that their was nothing in her eyelid.

After that Neeva decided to take her kids out to a movie. During the night Roger Luss came home and saw the one of his neighbours then the neighbours chased after him and he went back into the taxi cab. The taxi driver was asking him what was he doing Roger Luss told him to drive but instead the taxi driver pulled out his revolver and started to shoot the vampires he managed to kill one but he got stung in the neck. Roger Luss started running to the house to find his wife as a vampire, Roger Luss tried to call the police but the phone line was down and then he got stung and infected by Joan Luss. Later that morning Neeva is cooking in her apartment in Yonkers when Sebastiane got home she asked why is Joan Luss's kids are still in her apartment, Neeva said that their are evil spirits in Joan Luss's home Sebastiane replied sayin that they are not her kids. They decided to go back to Joan Luss's house and they saw an abandon taxi cab then the kids ran straight to the house one of the kids saw vomit on the floor and they also saw their father laying on the floor sick as they all look in horror they saw Joan Luss. Joan Luss tried to attck them but got Sebastiane's hand as they ran towards the door but another vampire was blocking it so went downstairs to a room as they were surrounded Vaun killed one of the vampires incuding Joan Luss they started to come out of the room Vaun checked if they were infected, Vaun then saw a scratch from Sebastiane's hand Vaun the three of them to leave as he shoots Sebastiane in the head Neeva cries in horror after seeing her daughter being shot in the head. Her current status is unknown.