Mr. Ortega
Status: Unknown
Age: Early 40's
Nationality: Salvadoran-American
Residence(s): Bronx
Affiliation: Thomas Eichhorst, Eldritch Palmer
Family Information
Played by: Juan Carlos Velis
Season: 2
Episode: 13

Mr. Ortega is a Construction Contractor working for Eldritch Palmer and Thomas Eichhorst. In the last episode of The Strain "Night Train", He and Thomas Eichhorst are seen walking though the factory talking about his workers being sick lately and giving them triple wage. Eichorst asked him if they did the hooks right for the cages and he replied that he did what he said. then he said It seems like strange time and strange place to construck an animal processing plant. And then he asked what animal is he processing Eichorst replied back saying sheep after that he walks away.