Mike Williams served as a police officer of the New York Police Department in the borough of Staten island and the nephew of Justine Feraldo. In the episode entitled, "Fort Defiance", he is told to raise the curtains  in order to display the decapitated vampires, bound to the fence , surrounding the Staten island ferry terminal, before a live press conference. In the episode entitled "Quick and Painless", Mike Williams is seen working with other ESU (Emergency Service Unit, otherwise known as SWAT or Special Weapons and Tactics in other jurisdictions) officers to clear out Red Hook, Brooklyn. While he clears out an apartment building, he gets stung in the face, leaving him unconscious. While bed-ridden Justine Feraldo had Nora Martinez screen him for infection. When she flashed the UVC (Ultraviolet C rays) light on him, worms were found under his skin. Justine Feraldo was told  by Nora Martinez that an infection was apparent, and Nora Martinez was put to sleep by injection.

Killed Victims

Mike Williams has killed:

  • Multiple counts of Strigoi.