Matthew "Matt" Sayles was a minor character and Kelly Goodweather's new romantic partner following her divorce to Ephraim. He serves initially as a supporting character only to become and antagonist in Season 1.


He is an operations manager for Sears. Not much else was revealed about Matt other than the fact that he met Kelly at some point and began a relationship with her. Although he developed genuine feelings for Kelly and her son Zach, Kelly only dated him mostly as a way to distract herself from her still-strong feelings for Ephraim, but also as a way to give Zach a father figure.

After a dispute with Kelly concerning Matt's call to the FBI and Ephraim's subsequent arrest, he went to work only to become infected when he unwittingly confronted two strigoi who bit his coworker. He tried to feed on Zack, but he did so so clumsily that Ephraim was able to overpower him and behead him with a shovel. Matt's face was wounded, which Ephraim took as a sign that he fought with Kelly. Since she was nowhere to be found, they assume Kelly was still alive.

In a flashback we see that Kelly returned home only to get attacked by an infected Matt. Indeed she slashed him in the face, but in the process a parasitic worm landed on Kelly's face which entered her body through a tear duct.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Matt Sayles was portrayed by Drew Nelson in Season 1 of The Strain.