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The Master's Faction is an inner circle of followers loyal to the Master, it is comprised of both sentient Strigoi and humans who have betrayed their own kind for selfish reasons.

The group originated with Thomas Eichhorst, who was a Nazi that became loyal to the Master shortly before the end of World War 2 and has proven to be the Master's most devoted follower. The Master needed help in distributing his influence throughout the world, so he enlisted the help of Eldritch Palmer a businessman with a vast wealth of resources. Palmer was more interested in gaining immortality than helping the Master's cause and didn't care how many people got hurt in order to achieve this goal.

A former colleague of Eichhorst, a Nazi doctor called Werner Dremerhaven, was recruited by Eichhorst but was dismembered and dumped in the middle of the ocean by Abraham Setrakian before the start of the series. The next Strigoi gifted with sentience was Gabriel Bolivar, a famous rock star and one of the apparent survivors of the airplane that brought the Master to America, he later became the Master’s new host body after his old one was damaged in battle.