Post-Outbreak Edit

Manhattan is the central borough of New York City. The island is bounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers. In "The Strain" Manhattan is filled with many Vampire (Strigoi) hiding in sewers,office buildings, and many other skyscrapers in Upper and Midtown Manhattan.

The Stoneheart building is located at West 57th Street, Midtown Manhattan. Some buildings on the island are on fire mostly due to the Vampire (Strigoi), as seen in the 23 Days Promo , the miltary has taken control of the city.

Post Apocalypse Edit

In the episode The Fall , Sanjay Desai helps Thomas Eichhorst delivers the nuclear device to the Statue of Liberty. Once it was placed within the statue, Thomas Eichhorst and Sanjay Desai then leave to go back downtown Manhattan. Later on in the episode Zach Goodweather then detonates the nuclear bomb out of frustration after the death of his mother. The nuclear explosion sweeped through the entire city, injuring some survivors on the streets. After that Manhattan was completely devastated, the nuke will create an Occultation, allowing every single strigoi free to roam around the city.