Knickerbocker Loans and Curios Pawn Shop


The Knickerbocker Loans and Curios Pawnshop is Abraham Setrakian's business and makeshift vampire armory, it is located in Harlem. Everything from chain mail, full knight gear to modified nail guns decorate the walls. His wife's heart resides downstairs in a jar still "beating" ravaged by the virus, living off his blood drops he rations her.

He purchased the building in the early 70's for only around eight dollars and probably saved the shop from falling victim to an arson. Legally, his wife is still the owner of the building via paperwork.

The sales floor holds chrome display cases filled with wristwatches on felt (and other ostensibly middle-class valued knick-knack). The store also carries leather and fur coats, tea sets, music players and anything else you can think of a man might give up while down on his luck.

The shop is primarily used as a vampire hunter's headquarters rather than an operational business. The barred windows and steel shutters provide adequate temporary protection.