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Justine Feraldo is a main character and driven councilwoman, who despises the inaction of Mayor Lyle and the city council. She successfully eradicates the Strigoi from Staten Island and sets up a quarantine station at the Staten Island Ferry terminal  (St. George), where all incoming visitors are screened upon arrival. The screening protocol is later perfected when Nora shares her knowledge about the worms and Feraldo's militia are later equipped with UV lights and silver bullets against strigoi. Feraldo's popularity and successful counter-insurgency campaign against the plague boosts her public image significantly that Mayor Lyle strikes a bargain with her, while he is trying to keep her under his thumb and hitching his fortune to a rising star.

Ferraldo's Safe Streets Initiative is supported by Nora Martinez, who shares her knowledge of the plague and later disappoints her with the news that there is no cure for anyone infected will turn into a strigoi.

Lyle's alliance with Feraldo quickly cracks when Mayor Lyle fails to provide support to Feraldo in the Battle of Red Hook, when he abandons her and her loyal police officers to fight against a massive hoard of strigoi just moments before the battle commences. The battle exacted a heavy toll with respect to casualties and victory was only achieved when the power plant, which energizing the UV lamps, was brought back online (also known as a black start , within power engineering circles).

After their success, Mayor Lyle puts pressure on her to clean up the Upper East Side next (i.e.his rich neighbors and friends). She reluctantly agrees, and a press-conference is set up for the mayor to announce the news. Feraldo undermines the Mayor by announcing, toward the end of the conference, that a parcel tax (a parcel is a division of land) of 1% of the property value within the district, to pay the officers who risk their lives to eradicate the vampires. She states that the citizens of Red Hook fought alongside her people against the Strigoi and she knows the wealthy citizens of the Upper East Side would rather pay than fight. The Mayor was very angry with turn of events, as he sought to have Feraldo defend this particular group of constituents to curry favor. The Mayor repeatedly demands that Feraldo abandon her plans. She adamantly refuses saying that the police officers fighting the Strigoi need to be paid and funds are needed to contain the crisis. Lyle demands her resignation and says that he will have the District Attorney (DA) file charges against her. She invites him to use her phone. He then reveals that he has two of the most influential council members "in his pocket" ready to expel her from office, as the remainder of the council will follow their lead. This stops her in her tracks. Feraldo is approached moments later by a homicide detective who targets an unwitting Feraldo as a prime suspect in Lyle's murder.

Feraldo is later approached by Palmer who declares his support for her while he seeks to control or undermine her successful resistance to the strigoi invasion.

In the third season prefinale, Feraldo ends up being surrounded by the strigoi who ambush them. One by one her remaining loyal officers are taken down by the strigoi until only Frank Kowalski remains. Moments before their deaths they get both infected, Frank gets bitten while Feraldo is infected by a worm hurled from a eviscerated strigoi. The gunfire causes a leak in the nearby vehicle's tank and the leaking gasoline catches fire which sets the tank aflame and engulfs them in fire.

Their deaths and Angel's death are witnessed from afar by Augustine, who remains the sole one to escape and watch Angel defiantly raising his silver cross up in his fist bidding Augustine farewell.

Killed Victims

Justine Feraldo has killed:

  • Multiple counts of Strigoi.
  • Numerous amounts of infected NYC citizens (Caused)


  • Justine Feraldo seems like a thinly-veiled allusion to Geraldine Ferraro, an Italian-American congresswoman who represented New York State in the American House of Representatives (Federal legistlative body),who was well-known for her tough stance on crime, and defense. Ms. Feraldo on the other hand has a seat on the New York City Council, the legislative branch of city government. Another point of distinction, Feraldo represents Staten Island, while Ferraro represented parts of Brooklyn & Queens in Congress.
  • Although the television show refers to Feraldo as a "councilwoman," Feraldo is having executive power in Staten Island, which would be more in line with the position of a Borough President. At another point in the show, someone references the Mayor thinking about "firing" Feraldo--something the Mayor is not legally capable of doing to a councilwoman.
  • She does not appear in any of the novels nor comics.