Jimmy Wu
Status: Alive
Age: Mid 50's
Nationality: Chinese-American
Residence(s): Red Hook, Brooklyn
Affiliation: Grace Wu
Profession: Arms Dealer
Family Information
Grace Wu
Season: 2
Episode: 8

In the episode entitled "Intruders", he is shot by an unknown looter that he may have been familiar with. When Zach and Ephraim Goodweather enter the warehouse after the looter left the premises, Grace Wu raised her gun in their direction under the belief they were looters as well.

Ephraim Goodweather said that he is a friend of Vasiliy Fet and came to purchase a sniper rifle. Grace Wu said that her husband has been shot, and as they approach the threshold of the adjoining room, Jimmy Wu is seen seated, bleeding from his wound.

Then Zach and Ephraim decided to help him by removing the bullet out of his stomach. After the surgery, Ephraim Goodweather asked them if they had a sniper rifle and medication. Grace Wu gave them what they wanted as they left the warehouse.