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Guadalupe Elizalde
Status: Dead
Age: Late 50's to Early 60's
Birthplace: Mexico
Manner of death: Homicide
Cause of death: infected by her younger son Crispin (most likely) / shot through the head by her son Augustin(as a strigoi)
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Ethnicity: Flag of Mexico.png Mexican
Residence(s): East Harlem, Manhattan New York
Affiliation: Augustin Elizalde, Felix, Crispin Elizalde
Profession: Nurse
Family Information
Children: Crispin Elizalde, Augustin Elizalde
Played by: Adriana Barraza
Season: 1,2,3

Guadalupe is the mother of Augustin Elizalde and Crispin Elizalde, she takes care of them and makes sure they don't get in trouble after Augustin Elizalde was arrested. Throughout half of season one she and Crispin Elizalde is infected by their landlord and left to turn inside their apartment when Augustin Elizalde saw his brother infected he kills him with a baseball bat, crying after he finshed him off. When Augustin Elizalde goes to his room and discovers his mother is infected inside the wardrobe he is sadly in pain so he decided to lock her in the apartment. Later in season 2 Augustin Elizalde comes back to his apartment and sees his mother again but possessed by The Master. While she was possessed she talked about how he disrespected Thomas Eichhorst. After that she tries to attack Augustin Elizalde but fails, once again leaving her in the apartment infected.

Guadalupe is kept alive by her son. Augustin feeds her his own blood, he is unable to mercifully kill his mother who remains a lesser strigoi without full sentience. Augustin fails to bring his mother into safety when their apartment is being swept and cleared of strigoi by police forces.

After Angel returns to Augustin's apartment he decides to have a nap on the couch and he is awakened by the sounds of the approaching Guadalupe who is about to feed on him when Augustin enters the apartment. Guadalupe hesitates a moment and moves towards her son before she resumes attacking Angel. Before she can sting Angel, her son shoots her through her head. Augustin feels remorse and guilt for not being able to protect his mom. He had a stronger bond to her due to the early abandonment of his father.