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Gabriel Bolivar is a main character, and an antagonist. one of the Master's undead acolytes, is a womanizing musician with a lot of female admirers. However, as he becomes a vampire, his overactive libido is replaced by a lust for blood. He serves as the tertiary antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2.


When he was human he would wear corpse paint  and colored contact lenses à la Marilyn Manson as an act; when in fact his real name is Dwight Moorshein, his father is a Baptist preacher, and all Bolivar really cared about was getting laid.

Major spoilers below!

After Setrakian uses Fet's tip about vampires not being able to throw up, he poisons The Master in a last-ditch effort to kill him and at the very least inflict lasting damage. Indeed, it was lasting as The Master had to find a new host and that he did in the body of Gabriel Bolivar.

TV Series[]

After his initial transformation he is shown to have no particular different behavioral pattern than any generic strigoi. He does not hunt down any loved ones indicating no close ties to his parents or any other people. He feeds on the humans that frequent the building he posseses among them the doctor sent by his manager and, even the guy that was sent by her cover up the crime scene.

Bolivar is later among the vampires that attack Setrakian's pawn shop, he bites Mariela Martinez which forces her daughter to decapitate her and so save her from turning into a strigoi. He does not speak much, but wears his trademark wig with long dark hair that is part of his professional Bolivar persona hinting at some degree of free thought as other vampires seem to barely care about looks.

Gabriel Bolivar as a vampire is a faithful servant to the master and submits to his will without any question as if he actually bought into the Gabriel Bolivar persona he pretended to be in life personally.

During the ambush of his building his proboscis is severed in the middle of a melee but he since has recovered from that injury and regrown his feeding organ.


Inside The Strain Bolivar - Gabriel Bolivar (Jack Kesy)

The Master selects him as his new host but it is unclear if he understands the meaning of this and if he is capable to understand that his being as a strigoi granted free thought is terminated and his body will be occupied by the master from now on.

Being selected as the master's host results in the host's death upon a possible transfer to another host, therefore Bolivar is technically dead, though his body's biological death will occur later. The master's host prior to Jósef Sardu died as soon as he regurgitated the bulk amount of worms and vomited them upon Sardu. This unknown host had no visible injuries unlike Sardu's transformed body who was lethally burned by the sun. Though the master's resistance to the sun outmatched other lesser strigoi by far.

Ephraim Goodweather sets up an exchange. The Occido Lumen for Zack. But neither side is willing to play fair. The master in possession of Bolivar shows up with the turned Navy seals, a hooded figure supposedly Zach is revealed to be just another turned boy who charges at Eph and commences a battle when Quinlan eventually enters the battle dispatching all the master's forces just as the master was about to leave with the Lumen. The rest of the turned Navy seals now shoot at Quinlan, but Setrakian and Fet tracked them via a GPS device Fet previously hid in the silver cover of the book. Setrakian silver & UV-light grenade wounds the master enough to distract him and thus giving Quinlan enough time to strike with his sword and decapitate Bolivar. This kills the host body but Setrakian watched as the crimson worm left the host and vanish into the sewers. Bolivar is finally dead while the master is without form and the remaining strigoi leaderless.