Frank is a supporting character, and was the captain of New York's police department.

Pre-Outbreak Edit

Frank Kowalski served as a police officer and captain the New York Police Department. He responds to major crimes in New York. It is assumed that he has worked with the New York Police Department for many years and has very good strategic training when it comes to raiding buildings.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 2 Edit

One of Justine Feraldo's finest Police Captain. Frank Kowalski is the Lead SWAT captain of the ESU (Emergency Service Unit).

He is assigned to eradicate the Vampire (Strigoi) presence  with the confines of New York city line, with his contingent of highly trained police officers. In one of the episodes he teams up with Dutch Velders and Vasiliy Fet to clear out the rest of the vampires in Red Hook, Brooklyn. In the episode entitled "Fallen Light" , Justine Feraldo accuses him of murdering Mayor George Lyle but he says he never murdered him or anyone that works with his team.

Season 3 Edit

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Justine Feraldo finds out about how the prisoners are being forced to clear out infected and gets angry at him for not making call. The both of them go to a tunnel where other correctional officers are in the process of clearing out the vampires. Justine Feraldo asks if she could talk to one of the prisoners. Justine Feraldo asks Augustin Elizalde how things are being run here, Gus then says you can see for yourself Justine tells him to carry on. Justine then walks away asking Frank "is who are now Frank" as she leaves. Later on Frank is seen listing to Vasiliy Fet in the New York City Special Command Center about how the vampires are losing power. Later at night two vampires disguised as humans detonated a blood bomb inside the Command Center, everyone got covered with the white blood and worms including him. Frank Kowalski and everyone that got covered with white blood took off their jackets, shirts, and uniforms to not get infected, soon after the aftermath he told Fet in disgust that his theory wasn't true.


Justine Feraldo and Frank are standing outside of an apartment after witnessing an attack inside their safe zone with paramedics and police officers. Justine felt bad how she told those people that to come into their safe zone. Justine Feraldo asks Frank how they are getting in their safe zone. Frank said that must be coming from underground. Justine said to him that she thought he cleared out the tunnels. Frank said that he is trying his best but Justine told him not hard enough as she and her bodyguards leaves the crime scene. In the New York City Special Command Center Vasiliy Fet tells Justine Feraldo and Frank that there is a huge vampire nests under Central Park.

Killed Victims

Frank Kowalski has killed:

  • Multiple counts of Strigoi.
  • Possibly Officer Dempsey
  • Numerous amounts of chain gang prisoners