For Services Rendered
Season 1, Episode 7
Box craftsmanship
Air Date August 24, 2014
Written By David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed By Charlotte Sieling
U.S. Viewers 2.43m[1]
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Creatures of the Night
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Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather
David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Mia Maestro as Nora Martinez
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet*
Jonathan Hyde as Eldritch Palmer
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichhorst
Sean Astin as Jim Kent
Jack Kesy as Gabriel Bolivar
Natalie Brown as Kelly Goodweather
Miguel Gomez as Augustin Elizalde
Ben Hyland as Zach Goodweather
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"For Services Rendered" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Strain. It first aired on August 24th, 2014.


And once again, you follow a false messiah who will prove as horrific as the last one.  Setrakian to Eichorst 

(Messiah in this sentence refers to Hitler)

Eichorst: A230385, you really thought I would lead you to him? I warned you to stay in jail. Fitting that we should end our journey where it began... On a train platform.  
Setrakian: This time, I'm the one with the weapon.

I give you another day of life, Jew, for services rendered.   Eichorst to Setrakian

Eichorst: No luggage, Mr. Kent? And no Sylvia. Won't she be joining you on your train?       
Kent: Where's the money? 
Eichorst: Where's the Jew? 
Kent: What Jew? 
Eichorst: He's here somewhere. I can smell him. And he's managed to recruit you into his pathetic crusade. You're now on the wrong side of history, Jim Kent. It's not too late. You and your wife could still be part of a glorious new order. But make the wrong decision here and you condemn Sylvia to a painful and lingering death. I'll ask you one more time. Where's the Jew? 
Kent: Christ, I have no idea.  
Eichorst: I could drink you right here. Turn you...
Kent: If you do anything... You see those cops over there.They'll be all over you. 
 Eichorst: Well... Then I guess you've made your decision. Consider your wife dead.

It's much easier to do nothing, isn't it? ... Safer.  Eichorst to Setrakian

Eichorst:  You must pick up the pace, A230385. 
Setrakian: I'm assuming the urgency is from that Russian artillery? It will get finished.
Eichorst:  I admire your work ethic.
Setrakian: Where I grew up, everyone worked hard. We knew no other way.
 Eichorst: Where do you come from?
Setrakian: I was born in Armenia. After the great war, my family settled in a little town in Romania.Varsolt. Eichorst: Varsolt. Of course! I travelled through there Summer... '41! Has a beautifully preserved Roman castle. Went through the hands of many great empires: The Romans... Mongols, Habsburgs, the Germans

Eichorst: So, tell me, A230385... Do you think we Germans will outlast our predecessors? Please... Speak freely.
Setrakian: I think the Third Reich is in its death throes.
Eichorst: Very likely. But suppose... A new Reich rose from the ashes of this one led by a new Führer,who's able to deliver everything Hitler promised and more.
Setrakian: I think that would be a very sad day for humanity.  
Eichorst: Quite the opposite, my friend. It's what humanity craves: a strong leader, a visionary...
Setrakian: Visionary? Hitler is a megalomaniac who declared himself dictator.
Eichorst: Wrong! Hitler was elected democratically! He went before the Reichstag. He asked the elected representatives of the people to grant him extraordinary powers! And they did by an overwhelming majority! Setrakian: Because they were terrified.
Setrakian:  Because they were terrified.
Eichorst: Yes! Terrified of democracy! They had lived through the chaos of the Weimar Republic: governments gridlocked by parties and bickering! They realized Plato was right. The republic can only be led by a philosopher king with the wisdom to look after the needs of the many. 
Setrakian: Unless you are a Jew
 Eichorst: You see? This is the problem. You take all of this too personally.
Setrakian: After the murder of my family, I suppose I do. 
Eichorst: Oh, the nobility of the victim!
Setrakian: I see

You comfort yourself with the fantasy that you're morally superior to me, but you're not. First day you arrived, I asked if anyone was a carpenter, and you eagerly threw up your hands! And from that day on, you've labored here, working on behalf of the Third Reich!

Setrakian:  I had no choice!                                                                                                                                  
Eichorst:  Yes, you have! But you're afraid of the choice. The alternative.

Palmer: You assured me that you had this fellow under control. 
Eichorst: It's a bluff. Kent would never have the courage to try this on his own. The Jew is behind it. 
Eichorst: He has more tenacity than I thought. 
Palmer:  Well... I hope it won't be a problem.   
Eichorst:  Eichorst: No problem. I'll take care of it.
Palmer: Wunderbar.

Fitzwilliam: Sir, I don't think it's productive for you to think about that. In a few days, I'm sure we'll look back on this as a small bump in the road to your recovery. 
Eichhorst: I am most gratified to hear that. We're all terribly fond of Eldritch.
Palmer: Herr Eichhorst I'm not aware that we're on a first name basis. 
Fitzwilliam: I'll be right outside
Eichhorst:  Your manservant has developed misgivings about the relationship.   
Palmer: He's a keen judge of character and very protective. Understandably. He's been with me since his birth. His parents worked for my mother and father.
Eichhorst:  It's disappointing that it's no longer a common practice.
Palmer: I assumed you’ve informed your Master that the plan I've constructed is unfolding perfectly. Everyone is focused on the Citizen for Liberty cyber attacks. And only a small wrinkle.

Eichorst: A230385. How is it progressing? 
Setrakian: Very well, Herr Standartenführer.
Eichorst: Your father taught you well. Does it bring you enjoyment? 
 Setrakian: It takes my mind off this place. In that sense I suppose, it's... Pleasurable.
Eichorst: I've never been good with my hands.Cannot draw or sculpt or carve anything. Want to know how pathetic I am? In middle-school woodworking, I had to steal another boy's project to pass the class. How sad is that?    
Setrakian: We all have diferent talents. I'm sure you did not rise to your... Position through sheer luck.  
Eichorst:  Quite right. Managing people, that's my talent. Picking the right person for the right job.Just as I did with you on this project. And God, I was right. Look at that craftsmanship. Wish I had more like you.

Gentlemen... while you have been contributing so diligently to the war effort, we conducted an inspection of your barracks and made a surprising discovery.A Jewish talisman. I believe you people refer to it as the “Hand of Miriam”. We found it secured beneath one of your bunks. It appears to have been carved from the very oak you work with in this shop. Oak that is property of the Third Reich. Now, who is responsible for this fine piece of craftsmanship?...No one wishes to claim credit? Very well. I will shoot you one at a time until the perpetrator steps forward.  Eichorst 

If I recall correctly, this totem is named after the sister of Moses and Aaron and is supposed to offer protection from evil.  Eichorst

Ephraim: Oh, but your theory that you pitched yesterday, that we kill the leader of these vampires, that's far more logical.
Setrakian: It’s far more likely to work. We kill the Master, and its spawn will die. I promise you.
Ephraim:  Okay, for convenience sake and strictly as a semantic term, we’ll refer to him as “the Master”. You're saying we kill the master and that's somehow gonna stop this plague.    
Setrakian: Yeah 
Ephraim: That makes no biological sense! You destroy one creature, and somehow all the other ones die? How does that work?   
Setrakian:  I have verified the observations of these authors with my own experience. Those that are inaccurate, I have discarded. That is your scientific method, no? If you wish to defeat this evil, you must trust me. I understand this! You do not! At every turn, everything I have said has proven to be correct. Is that not true? 
Ephraim:  Yes, but...
Setrakian: This is no different. Logic is not the issue here...  It's your desire to always be in control.
Nora:  Alright, alright, if we were to do this, ho... how do we find this Master? 
Setrakian:  Setrakian: Well, that is our first problem. His nesting place will be well hidden. We need to locate his human helpers.

Ephraim: Look, before we do any more killing, and especially because I think it's clear we can't stop this thing one by one, I've got a better idea. We've got video. We've got ample proof to show people. Let's get this in front of the public,let's get it in front of everybody.    
Setrakian: That will not work. Whoever is behind this has eliminated that option with much calculation and to great expense.

Silver is known to interfere with sulfur bonds in bacteria.  Nora

Communications companies across the country have been unable to avert the dramatic failure of cell phone and Internet communications, which began late yesterday. Citizens for Liberty claims responsibility for the slowdown which has paralyzed some of wall street's major financial institutions. Audio feed from news channel



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