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Regis Airlines Flight 753 about to land.

The flight (tail number N323RG) piloted by Captain Doyle Redfern and Captain Peter J. Moldesm from Berlin to New York, ultimately the delivery mechanism for The Master to reach "The Land of the Free" on runway 13R. Upon landing at J.F.K. Airport there was total darkness and silence. No mobile calls out, no screaming, no stampedes towards the exits.

The Regis Airlines 250 million dollar 383-ton Boeing 777–200LR aircraft had a complement of  a hundred and ninety-nine passengers, two pilots, and nine cabin crew with three hundred and one maximum capacity.

Nora Martinez,donning a full CDC biohazard suit, examining the passengers.

Four of these individuals became re-animated sooner than the others on board and kept in critical but stable condition in the isolation wing at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. Captain Redfern, the third pilot, male, thirty-two. A lawyer from Westchester County, female, forty-one. A computer programmer from Brooklyn, male, forty-four. And a musician, a celebrity from Manhattan and Miami Beach, male, thirty-six.


In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Count Dracula arrives in England by stowing away aboard a sailing ship, the Demeter, which has been commissioned to transport the crates full of Transylvanian soil that Dracula requires to nest in. Several elements of this journey are mirrored by the arrival of Flight 753, carrying the Master's coffin in the cargo hold.