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Executive Producer Guillermo del Toro talks about FX's The Strain at Comic-Con 2014.

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Hollow corpse that was inhabited by an unholy will...

The Strigoi paticularly in Eastern Europe. Everytime the body was possessed, it would resurrect and go and drink the blood of the family first, and then would propagate the disease all over the world. I was fascinated by many of the Eastern European lore, like for example lores about cemetery and not the sedentary corpse came out of a vampiric tale in Europe that was called the shroud eaters....It was because the corpse foamed a bloody discharge full of bacteria that ate the shroud. They open the coffin and saw the teeth and they thought the corpses got up and ate people throught the shroud.

I have been fascinated by fringe vampiric lore mythology. I read [unintelligeble] Montague Summers ....

The vampire when it was birthed by John W Polidori in the English language with the story of the Vampire, he was birthed as a romantic hero and a monster at the same time. So either obsession was correct. No one was doing the brutal vampire...

...I been a morbidly biologically obsessed kid...The metabolism is so hard, so quick, they become really hot, their hair falls off. My rationale is also their lungs dry off, so they don't need to  breathe because they don't need the oxygen to produce erythrocytes, to produce red cells, their bones becomes brittle...if touched by silver they can break. The idea of them not having a breathe, makes them non-human, they develop a parasitic heart.

In terms of mythology, I borrow from a vampire in the Philipines called an Aswang, which projects a tongue...He drinks the blood of a baby inside the mother.... The idea of the tongue also connects with a Strigoi....

The only time I have seen the vampire the way I like it is on a tv series that The Strain is very very influenced by which is Kolcheck the Night Stalker. I wanted to go back to you know  horror being first and foremost brutal and fun. Its not about,... it makes you reflect about the loneliness....Its like a perfect summer horror series.

The Strain can take liberties with vampiric lore because it is not adopting a novel.

Interviewer:  What is the challenges to taking your idea and bringing it to screen...?
Del Toro:  The way I wanted to design the show... All the episodes you see, every effect goes to me, every single makeup effects go through me of all the episodes.I do a final color correction on the cinemaphotography of all the episodes myself. Its because I want to give a uniformity in the look. The way I tried to design the look, was supersaturated colors that almost felt comic-book like. I color coded the show with everyone saying we have basically two colors cyan or blueish and gold. If you watch the episodes, I wanted to say no reds except if there in the real world like a fire extinguisher or siren of a patrol car...yes...but no reds, so we can reserve the red for the blood. That way we have a stringent color code and even if you don't notice it, the show has a style, you know, and thats the first thing. The second thing I tried to do was to try to give it a cinematic look and give it scope. We did for the budget, we did it for the schedule, but we wanted to make it ambitious. So those were the challenges, to try to do a spectacle, and big effects,big visual effects within the budget and schedule.

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