Felix 1672
Pedro Miguel Arce As Felix
Name: Felix Hernandez
Status: Deceased
Role: Supporting
Age: 38
Date of birth: June 17, 1976
Birthplace: Managua, Nicaragua.
Date of death: September 7, 2014
Place of death: NYC
Cause of death: Vampires
Nationality: Nicaraguian
Religion: Christian
Alias(es): Felix
Nickname(es): Felix
Affiliation: Augustin "Gus" Elizalde,
Family Information
Played by: Pedro Miguel Arce
Season: 1
Seasons: 1
Episode: 4-9
First episode: 4
Last episode: 9
Appears in: Book Comic Show

Felix is a supporting character in The Strain TV show, book, and comic.


Felix was best friends with Gus and is shown to be quite close with Gus' family. He and Gus steal a car which they sell to Creem. He also encounters Eichorst, attempting to shoot him after he throws Gus to the floor. but is easily overpowered. Eichorst orders Gus and Felix to dispose of Redfern's body along with Jim Kent. The two reluctantly agree although he and Gus question Jim when Redfern's stinger is revealed. Despite this, they do it anyway. While on the streets during the solar eclipse, he and Gus are attacked by the fully turned Dr. Bennett. Felix is infected while Gus manages to kill Dr. Bennett but the two are then quickly arrested for murder. While in the holding cell, Felix starts to turn slowly and while in the police van en route to Ryker's, he attempts to infect Gus but instead infects the driver when they start yelling at him. He infects the other guard who runs in to see what's going on, giving Gus the chance to steal the handcuff keys and escape. Before leaving however, Gus shoots his friend fatally in the head.