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Feelers is the collective name for the group of turned blind children. They have been imbued with Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or enhanced psychic abilities to serve as trackers to further the Master's agenda.

They were made to assist Kelly Goodweather in tracking her "Dear Ones", Zach and Eph. Apart from telepathic communication via a hive mind, Kelly can tell when the Feelers detect their presence as they become visibly agitated; mewling, clicking, jumping and skittering about.

The Strain - Inside The Strain Behold The Feelers

The Strain - Inside The Strain Behold The Feelers

Background on The Feelers

After incubating as vampires in the Ancient loam, the Feelers emerge from it and imprint on Kelly. She frames a few of their faces with her hands, accepting them as her children, and appears to communicate with them via their minds.

Kelly looks deep into the eyes of one child for a moment, holding the girl's face. At first she seems to gaze at her with something like pity, but then her facial expression abruptly changes to one of contemptuous disgust as she culls the girl by breaking the child's neck and turns her attention back to inspect the others.

Kelly brings the Feelers to her abandoned house where she retrieves enough clothing to give the Feelers a sample of Zach's scent. They behave like tracking hounds and dispatch to continue their mission. They successfully track Zach's presence on a pitching field, where Ephraim went with his son after being told to do so by Nora, who seems to recognize that Ephraim's lack of attention to his son drives a wedge between them.

The Feelers spot Nora and Zach in a police car that brings them back from Councilwoman Justine Feraldo headquarters in Red Hook in proximity of a church near Wolcott Street. The police officer rushes out as one of the Feelers crashed the front of the car. As the police officer hovers crouched over the Feeler's body another Feeler sneaks up swiftly from behind and snaps his neck before jumping on top of the car.

Nora pulls out a gun and keeps the other Feelers occupied. One Feeler is wounded and goes to Kelly for comfort while he recovers. Zach and Nora manage to hide in the church, but the Feelers climb the walls easily and enter through the crashed windows. They remove the bar that kept the main door locked, enabling Kelly and the other Feelers to enter.

When Abraham Setrakian, Vasiliy Fet, and Reggie Fitzwilliam come to the rescue with guns blazing, they release two[1] of the Feelers whom Kelly grieves with an angry shriek. In another confrontation involving Setrakian and Fet at the Feeler's "nursery", they meet Quinlan for the first time, who ruthlessly proceeds to dispatch the Feelers that had been left behind among the culled ones.

The BooksEdit

In the books, the Master himself ominously ambushes the schoolbus of blind children to escalate his plans after he was injured by sunlight in confrontation with Setrakian. Gabriel Bolivar was the first to be introduced to the Feelers and make use of their services in the second book entitled The Fall. The Feelers accompanied Bolivar on the mission to raid Setrakian's pawn shop, warning and defending him when he came under attack by Mr. Quinlan and his group. 


The Feelers are referred to as "children of the night", echoing the famous line from 'Dracula' in a literal manner.

In the Season 2 episode, "Quick and Painless", Vasiliy Fet stalking a Feeler through the wall is an exterminator spoof concerning the horror trope "rats in the wall", commonly found in such works as H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King.

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  2. Illustration used with written permission from the artist.