Status: Dead
Age: Mid to Early 40's
Cause of death: Stung in the leg by a feeler
Nationality: American
Residence(s): Red Hook, Brooklyn
Affiliation: New York Police Department
Profession: Police Officer
Family Information
Played by: Jason Martorino
Season: 2
Episode: 5

In the episode entitled "Quick and Painless " he is seen with other Emergency Service Unit (ESU) officers clearing out apartment units in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Mike Williams (Justine Feraldo's nephew) and him were going door to door when Officer Dempsey found a girl playing with a doll. He told the girl that they need to leave the building. The girl, who turned out to be a feeler stung him in the leg. Frank Kowalski arrives on-scene and tries to neutralize the feeler but to no avail. Mikey Wiliams tried to help Dempsey but another feeler comes in the stairwell and attacks them. Mikey falls down the stairs and gets nicked in the face by the feeler. Frank Kowalski came to the rescue and shot the feeler but missed. after In the aftermath, Police and hazmat teams started to separate isolate people. Frank Kowalski and another ESU officer are seen talking about PO (Police Officer) Dempsey's injury. Officer Dempsey said that he was not stung in the neck and Frank Kowalski and the rest of the team try to reassure him. He later died from his injuries off-screen, but it was never mentioned throughout the rest of the season.