Camp Liberty is a camp for humans to give one pint of blood every five days and for forced procreation. This is the largest of three camps, rumored to be north of Manhattan, with the other two smaller camps in Long Island and Northern New Jersey.

Nora Martinez (under an assumed name) and her mother were caught and held captive. Nora's blood is fancied by the strigoi due to it being B positive, this blood type held in great esteem among the vamp community for unspecific reasons, most likely for its taste and positive effects on the strigoi.


- Birthing Barracks
A place where pregnant humans are kept. There's a strict rule of no vampires allowed in this area, most likely from existence of "The Born". If a woman enters the camp without a mate, one will be selected for her. The only advantages being here than other human areas of the camp, is better housing, rations, two fruit and vegetable servings per day.

- Bolivar's Mansion
Dr. Everett Barnes's (once director of the CDC as Eph and Nora's boss, now director over the camps) living quarters. The place once belonged to shock rocker Gabriel Bolivar who now solely serves the Master being his right-hand. Barnes is obviously treated better than the other humans, eating better and able to imbibe alcohol which otherwise is forbidden due to it messing with vamp mind intrusion on humans.

- "Retirement Community"
This is where the elderly, disabled, and otherwise useless humans are taken before being "retired".