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Augustin "Gus" Elizalde is a main character and a Mexican gangster who was initially paid by Thomas Eichhorst to deliver The Master's coffin. He lives with his devout mother and junkie brother Crispin. He was released from Juvenile Lockup three weeks ago, with a "do over" because he had just turned eighteen.


When he questions Eichhorst's plans or methods, Thomas threatens him with things such as, Augustin's sealed juvenile manslaughter conviction, and the safety of his mother. He learns of Eichhorst's true plans through Abraham Setrakian during their stints in lockup.

NOTE BELOW: May include spoilers for people who are only watching the TV show.

Seeing his friend Felix "turn" in front of his very eyes, he joins forces with Abraham and is recruited by Vaun, a "vampire" in the "The Born" who hunts his own kind. He is now dubbed "Sun Hunter" by Quinlan & The Born.

His first order of business under the new moniker, is the recruitment of his own; once foe, now ally; Alfonzo Creem, King of the Jersey Sapphires.

TV Show[]

Season 1[]

Augustin Elizalde was born May 08,1992.

Augustin is first seen in Night Zero sparring with a person in an alleyway, where he is approached by Thomas Eichhorst. Augustin rudely asks him how Eichhorst found him, however, he does not reply. After his "homies" had left, Eichhorst gives him a new assignment; he is to deliver a box from John F. Kennedy's Airport, across the bridge, to a secret location, Eichhorst also adds that Augustin is not to tamper with the cargo. He refuses the assignment, stating that he doesn't work for Eichhorst anymore, ultimately, he accepts as Eichhorst blackmails him about his mother and younger brother. Elizalde arrives at the airport's utility garage, where he walks to the Stoneheart Group van. He is surprised to find a 500 pound, wooden box in the back of the van. He then drives to the roadblock and is asked for registration, Augustin hands the guard a Stoneheart Group card. The guard asks him to step out of the vehicle, however, before he could, Jim Kent arrives and tells the guard to let him pass. Augustin subsequently delivers the cargo.


Inside The Strain - A Warrior Named Gus

Augustin returns home and asserts his influence over his brother Crispin trying to keep him clear of going the same path of crime he entered himself. He returns the clock Crispin stole from the Setrakian. To make a living he starts stealing cars with his friend Felix and turn them in to Alonzo Creem who tries to barter them into a bad deal. Gus stays firm and they continue doing business.

During the occultation Gus and Felix get into a fight with an infected and turned human who manages to infect Felix. They are oblivious to the nature of this wound and infection and the police arrests them subsequently mistaking them for assailants. During their stay in an overcrowded cell Felix condition worsens and his transformation proceeds. Eventually they are both taken to be transferred into another facility, while they ae en route in a prison van Felix transformation progresses and he starts to feed and infect a fellow inmate. In the subqesequent chaos, Felix stings both guards, Gus manages to get the keys and the guards gun. He looks at his friend one last time before he reluctantly kills him by shooting several bullets in his head. He escapes thereafter and runs off.

Returning home he discovers his brother Crispin has turned as well, he is transformation progressed further as his younger brother lost a lot of hair. Gus has no choice but to kill him by jamming a bat into his mouth and keeping twisting his neck, possibly crushing his brain too. Gus discovers his mother is bitten and lying unconscious on the ground possibly bitten by Crispin, he is about to leave the house when his mother walks towards him while he stands in a sun illuminated room of the apartment. The scene fades and it is unknown whether Gus could bring up enough strength to kill his turned mother or just left her roaming the appartment.

On his way out he encounters his mother's turned landlord whom he decapitates swiftly being motivated by his dislike for him previous to the landlord's transformation.

Season 2[]

Gus begins his service as Sun Hunter under Vaun as his direct superior, together they seize Setrakian who is overpowered and strongarmed by Vaun and his entourage. They bring him to the three Ancients for whom Vaun is speaking via telepathic messages[The extras portraying the ancient's might not be credited actos and thus cannot have a speaking role, maybe]. Vaun demands to know what Setrakian is up to and that he knows he fought the Master. He shares the information that all ancient are linked together being one entity and that the Master broke that union and shielded himself from the link, but when he was attacked and immersed in sunlight, he was no longer able to defy the Ancient's connection to him and they were able to see what he saw thus they learned about Setrakian's involvement in the fight. Gus witnesses this and the Ancient's are vissibly angered and frightened by Setrakian's knowledge and pursuit of the Occido Lumen as well as his request to share with him the knowledge how to destroy the Master. For obvious reasons the Ancient's will not reveal how to destroy one of them. The Ancients ponder whether they kill Setrakian on the spot for being a threat to them and for having gathered so much knowledge about them while they seek to exist unknown to mankind.

Gus later trains under Vaun's guidance fighting against Strigoi, most likely propageted by the master and kidnapped by Vaun's team members. He successfully kills them with firearms and in hand to hand combat. He carries gloves to prevent direct skin contact with the stinger he rips out of the strigoi's throat, effectively disembowelling it and killing it permanently.

Gus grows angry that Vaun only gave him two bullets and Vaun taunts him even further when he merely says he should have checked the gun to which Gus defiantly responds that he should have checked his sanity instead and forced Vaun to reveal what their next mission is going to be or he quits working for him immediately.

Vaun reveals their plan to kidnap Eldritch Palmer and Gus involvement in it is to pose as a contractor who checks the elevators in the Stoneheart headquarters. Gus updates the operating firmware in the elevator to enable him to get into Palmer's residence on the upper levels of the building. Vaun and the vampires hang form below and enter the elevator cabin from the ground hatch opened by Gus. When they finally arrive in Palmer's office they find it empty unknown to them a security protocol has been activated and the unauthorized hijacking of the elevator was monitored by other security staff. Palmer watches Vaun and his crew along with Gus searching the office to no avail. Palmer activates a UV light trap that cannot be destroyed by firearms and so Vaun and his team are pitted in to the center of the office where they are about to be killed by UV light. Gus tries to save Vaun who refuses and states that he is too important and tells him to leave promptly.

Gus leaves and roams the street when he finds a Indian food restaurant where he is poorly received by the dishwasher Angel who pegs Gus as a gang member. Gus ignorant to foreign food is treated with a more friendly attitude by the daughter of the older lady who seemingly owns or runs this place.

After a second Gus is served by the mother who disapproves of her daughter's friendly reception towards Gus. Angel is even more aggressive to Gus and Gus jumps up menacingly to counter Angel's derogatory remarks.

After leaving the restaurant: Gus approaches Angel in the back alley and recognizes Angel as who he was in his younger days, a famous wrestler and B-movie actor by watching his body language and perceiving his limp that matches that Angel de la Plata.


Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Gus has killed: