Inspired by the Subhumans of New York  Tumblr page, Atmospherics, also known as Atmospheric Collections or Atmospheric Information, is the gathering of information to understand "the complex cultural and political makeup of the region." With respect to the Global War on Terror, or Overseas Contingency Operations, it is a method used in intelligence circles to acquire "broad information about the political and tribal dynamics in the region." Some policymakers deem such information necessary to assess wants and needs of potential allies. The difference between Atmospherics and Intelligence is, the later is concerned with specific threats such as the targeting of adversaries or the insertion of agents into enemy organizations to determine potential intent.

In the case of "The Strain," we are interested in tracking the general sentiment of the citizens of New York in the days leading up to the Occultation, and the subsequent Downfall of New York.

Social SurveyEdit

  • Note: The Interviewer's questions are interspersed with the subject's response and is usually found on the next line under the subject's response. That being said, the interviewer may ask follow-up questions in rapid succession, so that the line after may be designated to the interviewer as well.

Connect the dotsEdit


It appears that Setrakian, Ephraim, Dutch, and Eichorst graced their presence on this photo essay

  1. Setrakian -  “You are no friend of mine, and I have no time for idle chitchat. The object I seek, I have been searching for it longer than you have been alive.“
  2. Ephraim or Dutch - "“You see any cops on your way through here? If I were you I’d be on the lookout for vamps. It’s dark.“
  3. Eichorst -  "The Mayfield Hotel is closed to the public. It’s been completely taken over by the National Guard. Yet for some people in this forsaken place, all doors remain open.“


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