Ansel Barbour Edit

Ansel Barbour is one of four survivors of the jet landing on JFK airport (episode 1). Like the other survivors, he is infected and, during the course of the first season, he slowly turns into a vampire.

NOTE BELOW: Contains spoilers for the first season of the TV show.

Among the four survivors, he is the one who is most noticeable, not only worried about the changes in himself, but also about the risk for his family. When the urges to attack his family start, he sends his wife and children away, then chains himself up in a garden shed and (nearly fully transformed) urges his wife to flee from him. He is killed by Setrakian , with Ephraim video recording his death to use as proof for the spreading infection.


In the television series, little is known about his previous life. He is married, with children and a sister. His wife Ann Marie depends strongly on him and, confronted with what he has turned into, commits suicide. In books the family also has two dogs which Ansel ends up killing while turning and trying to satisfy his need for blood.