Alfonzo Creem (sometimes mistakenly known as Alonzo) is a supporting character, later an antagonist and a gang leader of the Jersey Sapphires.


Creem is known on the street for his ability to get basically anything. He is a tall sturdy man with silver capped teeth (He's portrayed much bigger/fatter in the books). He was once a rival of Gus until everyone's enemy became the strigoi. He readily didn't decide to join the fight with Gus until he saw Vaun in action, more so, who he was against.


Alfonzo has two wolf dogs he uses as trackers because of their keen sense of smell. The dog's names, Ambassador and Skill (as every great drug dealer has to have a canine by his side). Also by Creem's side is his trusty .44 Magnum, sans silver bullets, which makes quick work of humans, but is like a pellet gun to the strigoi, unless shot in the head (or the proper bullets are used).

He's also has an arsenal of guns, as well as a contingent of gangbangers who drive Chevy Tahoe's, armed to the teeth. However, he is losing his foot soldiers everyday to the virus, which counts as a double loss, another vamp and one less human in the fight.

TV series Edit

Creem is known under the name of Alonzo in the TV series. He serves as a broker to the criminal element, who facilitates in the sale of stolen goods by bidding at rock-botton prices,  which in turn pads his bottom-line by selling at large margin. His transparent, bold attitude is seen by Gus, who is not intimidated into selling a stolen Mercedes Benz for a mere 400 dollars to Creem.

After losing his brother and mother to the infection, Gus ambushes Alonzo and forces him to open a container with unknown lading. It is revealed that he is complicit, maybe unwittingly, in transporting vamps to other parts of the world, in order to accelerate the pandemic initiated by the Master . As Gus starts to dispatch the vamps,  Vaun and his heavily-armed contingent arrive on-scene to help him kill the other strigoi. Gus ends up being abducted. Creem and Vaun seem to know each other. Most likely Creem has been tasked by Vaun to smuggle goods or provide logistics. Creem does not seem privy to the nonhuman nature of the strigoi at first sight, so he is no close associate to Vaun.

Creem resurfaces when he is approached by Setrakian to help him find the Occido Lumen. As he is about to rob Setrakian of his possessions, failing to see through Setrakian's facade, Setrakian draws the Sword of Sardu and rests the blade's edge on Creem's throat promising him, that he could still slash his throat even if bodyguards pull the trigger. Creem orders his bodyguards to stand down and they try to strike a deal to their mutual benefit.


Creem approaches The Master with the whereabouts of Eph, The Professor, Dutch and The Lumen. He holds an armed grenade as insurance against The Master drinking the information out of him. He'll give up their location if he can regain control over Roosevelt Island and the black market. The Master uses his quick speed to take the armed grenade from Creem, disarms it, mocks him and then drinks him anyway.

Killed Victims

Alfonzo has killed:

At least 3 Strigois.