In the season one episode "Occultation",  Woodbridge arrests Ephraim Goodweather for multiple homicides. In the interrogation room, Ephraim is questioned by Special Agent Woodbridge about the death of Jimmy Mendez and Dr. Bennett. Ephraim says that he never committed the murders, which Agent Woodbridge refutes and follows up by saying that he will see him in court. Ephraim convinces the agents to allow him to see the family members of Flight 756, so he could lure them into a trap. Later, they get stuck in traffic. Then Ephraim sees Dr Bennett pass by their car. The FBI Special Agents sees him pulling a woman out of of her car. Special Agent Woodbridge and Monroe try to help, but are mortally wounded in the process, leaving Special Agent Monroe lying on the ground. Ephraim went to him and asked him to unlock his handcuffs. Once the keys were given, he unshackled himself & relayed a message to the effect that he told him so as he was fatally bleeding. It is possible that he burned when he turned and when the sun came back.