She is first introduced in the episode entitled "The Silver Angel".  Gus walks in the restaurant wanting something to eat, he sits down and Aanya provides a menu. Gus asks "Is there anything that taste like spaghetti ". The next day, Aanya's father states that she needs to deliver food to a customer and Gus says that its too dangerous, even in the day. Angel decided he needs to accompany them. As the three proceed the street of Tito Puente Way, people  are seen brandishing guns and looting stores . When they arrives at there destination, Gus checks to see if the hallway is clear. Then they walked to the customer's door, she delivered the customer's order and was given 50 dollars. Just when they were about to get on the elevator, a strigoi  was spotted. Then Gus took out his Desert Eagle and shot the strigoi and dispatches him with a hatchet. As he takes the hatchet out of his head, another strigoi comes in and tries to kill them. Angel tackles the strigoi onto the wall and Gus finishes the strigoi by swinging the hatchet into the head. In the episode entitiled " Intruders", Gus tries to convince the Guptas to make a difficult choice of moving out of the city. Quinlan comes in from the alley , and tells Gus that he needs to talk with him. Gus got angry because he doesn't want to join the Ancients to which Quinlan proceeded to threaten him. Aanya, who was inside the reataurant, was anxious. Gus decided that he will join and Quinlan said that he needs to give her up for her own good. In the episode entitled "Dead End" , the Guptas were ready to leave the city by way of the Bronx. Before they left the city, Gus took a picture of all of them.  They drove up to the Third Avenue Bridge by van. The sentry told them they needed transit papers to proceed. Quinlan's adjutant arrived and greased the palms of the sentry. Gus kissed Aanya before they went in. The police officer allowed them to pass and Angel decided to team up with Gus.