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• 1/26/2019

Is Thomas Eichhorst real?

Does anyone know if the character Thomas Eichhorst is based on a historical person?

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• 10/31/2018


Hey just wanted to point out and see if anyone else notices but season 4 ep.2 professor and Dutch on bus there's what I swear is the GEICO caveman from a few years ago sitting there on the bus watches them walk by..please check it out lol and tell me your thoughts on what or why...

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• 5/2/2018

NEW Strain Auction

I just noticed FX just launched a NEW Strain auction of props and wardrobe at !!!
Fox Auctions
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• 1/13/2018


This is my first time watching this show... in 3x03 in a flashback one of the strigoi or perhaps the Master himself, tracked down Quinlan in a tent and called him "Invictus". When I search the wiki nothing comes up but he was calling Quinlan by a certain name and I want to know its significance. Does anyone know?
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• 9/7/2017

Good Bye Eichhorst

Good bye Mr Eichhorst. I'll very miss you. You were my favourite character of the whole show, no, you are completely my favourite. First I thought: "who is this arrogant bad ass?" but I with every new episode I was more and more enthusiastically from him.
Thanks for everything❤.
RIP Eichhorst😔😢
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• 8/30/2017

The Nuke

How will this destroy the Master? Thanks in advance you munchers!
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• 8/21/2017

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• 7/30/2017

Linking to outside pages

What's the preferred method for linking to other sites, eg. Wiki?
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• 11/22/2016

Does anyone has a 3d file of Master Sardu?

Does anyone has a 3d file of Master Sardu?
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• 11/1/2016

Will someone please kill Zach Goodweather!?

I've never wished any kid to get hit, but i really wish someone would beat that kids ass and then put one in his head
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• 8/31/2016
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• 8/19/2015


Should always keep an eye out for good fan fiction. There isn't much based in the series, only the books. However I have found this:
If people know any others, please let me know? I like exploring the worlds from different angels.
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• 8/7/2015

What season of The Strain 2015 corresponds to the novel?

I want to start reading the books but want to pick up where the 2015 season of The Strain ends. Can someone help? Do the seasons correspond to the novels, so season 1= book 1 and so on?
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